Research at the Transport Systems and Environment Lab helps to improve our understanding between the real-world operation of transport systems and their measurable social, economic and environmental impacts.


TSE lab is led by Dr Simon Hu and is part of the ZJU-UIUC joint Institute at the Zhejiang University. Our areas of interest include Transport Systems, Autonomy, Environment, Logsitics. We have an interdisciplinary team of researchers, we are always keen to recruit new members.

Recent News

Prof. Simon Hu’s Interdisciplinary Research Project Gets Funded

Prof. Simon Hu’s project on ‘Demand Forecasting and Management of Ride-Sourcing Fleet for Smart Cities’ has recently funded by Academy …

Our Latest Publication on Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Our new paper has been published on Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. We investigated the large scale of …

Christmas party with our Professors and students at UIUC

This semester Dr Simon Hu and our ZJUI students have been doing exchange program at UIUC. Besides the study and hardwork, we also had …

TSELab members attending ITIE & Future Transportation Conference in Hangzhou

The 2nd Zhejiang International Intelligent Transportation Industry Expo (ITIE) & Future Transportation Conference was held in …

Meet the team

Principle Investigator

Avatar Simon

Assistant Professor


Avatar Qinru

PhD Student

Vehicle Routing and Planning

Avatar Junyi

PhD Student

Deep Learning in Traffic Data Analysis

Avatar Qingyun

Research Assistant

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Avatar Siqi

Research Assistant

Smart Mobility

Avatar Zhen

Graduate Student

Machine Learning and Data Science

Avatar Hanyu

Master Student

Traffic Control

Avatar Anke

PhD Student

Urban Transportation Systems

Avatar Qishen

PhD Student

Traffic data analysis

Visit this page for a full list of past and present members.

Recent Publications

(2020). Freeway Traffic Control in Presence of Capacity Drop. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. PDF DOI
(2020). Urban Network-Wide Traffic Speed Estimation with Massive Ride-Sourcing GPS Traces. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. DOI
(2020). Urban Traffic Route Guidance Method with High Adaptive Learning Ability under Diverse Traffic Scenarios. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. DOI
(2019). Exploratory Analysis for Big Social Data Using Deep Network. IEEE Access. DOI

Recent Conferences

(2020). Cluster-based Short-term Demand Forecasting for Bike-sharing System Using Machine Learning Methods. The 99th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Record.
(2020). Joint Queue Estimation and Max Pressure Control for Signalized Urban Networks with Connected Vehicles. The 99th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Record.
(2020). Prediction of transient particle transport in transient indoor airflow by integrated fast fluid dynamics and Markov chain model. the 16th Conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality & Climate.