Zhejiang University and Alibaba cooperation project on 2022 Asian Games

Recently, a one-year project cooperated with Alibaba on ‘The optimization of reservation-based travel in intelligent transportation systems based on digital twin and the calculation methods of carbon footprint for the Asian Games’ is being promoted smoothly. The project is led by Prof. Xiqun (Michael) Chen. Prof. Simon Hu, Prof. Zheng Zhu, and Prof. Yilin Sun are the main participants.

The project takes advantage of Alibaba in big data and cloud computing, and Zhejiang University’s academic research in intelligent transportation. It focuses on reserved travel under the 2022 Asian Games scenario, aiming to break through the digital twin technology of urban reservation-based travel for the Asian Games and build a dynamic supply-demand matching optimization algorithm under the reserved travel scenario. Besides, we also put efforts into calculating urban residents’ green travel carbon footprint and the evaluation systems of carbon emission reduction. The project results will help build the intelligent transportation reservation travel system for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will improve the competitiveness of the shared transportation system and attract more travelers to use shared transportation modes. This project plays a significant role in academic research and practical application by accelerating the implementation of reservation-based and low-carbon travel in the Asian Games scenario.