Mobility and Logistics in the Era of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of the virus is facilitated by mobility and mobility is affected by the circumstances related to combating the pandemic. This project will thus develop theories, methods and models to better understand the underlying relations between the social and economic dimensions of mobility and logistics on one hand and the spread of the virus on the other hand. Such advancement contributes to the development of more resilient mobility and logistics systems.

Prof. Simon Hu from ZJUI and Prof. Michael GH Bell from USYD are the charge people of this project. Prof. Shenglin Ben, dean of ZJU International Business School, will cover economics and societal impact analysis for the innovative mobility and logistic solutions. Prof. Dianhai Wang, and Prof. Xiqun Chen from Institute of Intelligent Transportation Systems, ZJU are joint participation. Moreover, while Miss Ye will work on the modelling and simulation of AVs and Miss Hu will input on a case study of implementation of proposed algorithms in Hangzhou. In the University of Sydney, Prof. Ensafian and Prof. Geers and Prof. Shengda Zhu are joint participation.

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An instance of a VRP (left) and its solution (right)

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Nuro’s autonomous delivery

Project Details


Simon Hu   Project Lead at ZJUI
Michael GH Bell   Project Lead at USYD
Shenglin Ben   Researcher at ZIBS
Dianhai Wang   Researcher at ZJU
Xiqun Chen   Researcher at ZJU
Qinru Hu   Researcher at ZJUI
Anke Ye   Researcher at ZJUI
Hamidreza Ensafian   Researcher at USYD
Glenn Geers   Researcher at USYD
Shengda Zhu   Researcher at USYD