MoST project - Vehicle Autonomy and Network Optimisation

TSE Lab is part of a key program project that was awarded by the Chinese Minstry of Science and Technology with a total funding of ¥20m RMB to investigate the technologies and theories for cooperative transportation management and control systems (grant no. 2018YFB1600500).

The project is led by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. A consortium includes Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Jilin University and Zhejiang University who will work together aim to advance our understandings on potential impacts of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on our society and develop models and theories to optimize the transportation system with different levels of market penetration of CAVs. The project will perform series of computer simulation and road tests with autonomous vehicles to validate the developed algorithms and models. The Zhejiang University team will lead one of the work package on ‘the development of optimization algorithms and mathematical models for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles’ and focus on CAVs trajectory optimisation, optimal control, cooperative signal optimization and network routing problems. . The project will contribute to the development of advanced cooperative traffic control and management in the era of connected and autonomous vehicles in China.


Project Details


Simon Hu   Project Lead at ZJUI
Yibing Wang   Project Lead at ZJU
Lihui Zhang   Project Lead at ZJU
Qinru Hu   Researcher